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Becoming Neighbours

Illustration by Anika Bauman

The Kinbrace community welcomes refugee claimants with housing, education, and support. Launched in 1998 through the partnership of Hawthorne Charitable Foundation, Salsbury Community Society, and Grandview Church, Kinbrace Community Society is British Columbia’s longest-serving dedicated housing provider for refugee claimants. The name “Kinbrace” joins two words: kinship and embrace. Each year, Kinbrace provides transitional housing and wrap-around support for approximately forty newly arrived refugee claimants. These families and individuals live in the community for three to nine months before moving into permanent homes. Across the country, Kinbrace’s Ready for my Refugee Hearing resources thousands of refugee claimants annually as they navigate Canada’s crucial yet complex refugee determination system. Our dream for each refugee claimant is a world of welcome, a community of belonging, and a life of opportunity.

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